Intermediate Accounting II

Intermediate Accounting TextbookIntermediate Accounting II is the second in a two course sequence dealing with financial accounting topics.

Both Intermediate Accounting I and II form the foundation for much of the accounting curriculum that the successful student must master.  As such, I hope to provide an alternative aid to students as they make their way through Intermediate Accounting II.

The information presented is based on Intermediate Accounting, 10th edition by Spiceland, Nelson and Thomas.  The “lecture” type material really pertains to the subject matter and is not textbook specific.  The exercise and problem material, however, is textbook specific.

Each of the chapters presented contains the following:

  • Narrated PowerPoint lectures of the subject matter found in the chapter that can be viewed on a computer or on an iPad/iPhone;
  • PDF handouts of the PowerPoint lectures;
  • Narrated PowerPoint solutions to select exercises and problems that can be viewed on a computer or on an iPad/iPhone; and
  • PDF handouts of the PowerPoint solutions.

I hope that you find the information useful, and that you will provide me with feedback so that I can modify the information to be even more useful.